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Please allow the Community Edition to be run from the Command Line. This was allowed up to version 6.4.6, then after installing version 6.5 all my previous code that called rapidminer from the command line stopped working.  Per a forum post, beginning with version 6.5, you can no longer call rapidminer from the command line.  I believe this limitation should have been documented in the changes, so that users could decide if they wanted to "upgrade" to version 6.5 or not.  Or at least, allow previous users the option of rolling back to the latest Community Edition version prior to 6.5.  I think rapidminer is a great product, and I understand rapidminer is also a commercial product, but I doubt deleting this feature from the Community Edition will cause any non-commercial, "at home," hobbyists, to convert to the paid edition. Hopefully, future Community Edition's will again allow rapidminer to be called from the command line.
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