how to export results in tabular form? and edit AUC graph

inceptorfullinceptorfull Member Posts: 44 Contributor II
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hi all
I want to export the results in tabular form for academic purpose so how to do it?
plus I want to change the AUC graph instead of lines to be bars


  • DocMusherDocMusher Member Posts: 333 Unicorn
    You can write the results to a csv or other format.
    What would be the advantage to use bars for an AUC graph?
  • inceptorfullinceptorfull Member Posts: 44 Contributor II
    thanks for reply, I will try it, but I am now stoped at stage , to get the best attribuets using Genetic Algorithm (optimization selection) .
    Am comparing the results of log with neural network, but i have 37 dataset input and want to reduce it, by GA , but it need a model to apply inside it

    so do I use GA two times? one with log and another one with NN?
    but I wantย  a Common reduced set of attributes , to be the input for LOG and NN is there a way to do it? is there a model I can apply work well with GA?
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