Hit F9 to toggle "Store to repository"

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Dear All,

I have a lot of practise making rapid miner work flows.
I think this suggestion will greatly boost my efficiency (and the efficiency of others).

Right now you ca hit F7, to toggle break-point.
Please make F9 store the operator output to repository (using the operator name as name for repository item)

Best regards,



  • MariusHelfMariusHelf RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 1,869 Unicorn
    Hi Wessel,

    currently F9 ist used to switch to the Results perspective - I doubt that this will be changed.

    But what should happen if the operator has more than one output?

    Did you know that you can right-click an operator port and select "Store ExampleSet in repository"? Isn't that sufficient? It even works after the process has finished, without any breakpoints.

    Best regards,
  • wesselwessel Member Posts: 537 Guru
    Marius wrote:

    currently F9 ist used to switch to the Results perspective - I doubt that this will be changed.
    I agree, the F key was a bad example, maybe use F12.

    I never quite managed to store sub-results, after a process has finished.
    How exactly should I right click?
    The thing is, it should remember this "save" every time I run the process.
    So I can then retrieve the result later on, which nicely resets all the meta-data.
    I often use the store and retrieve operator.

    My alternative suggestion would be to give the Store operator a "default" naming scheme.
    So when I connect the store operator, it auto-magically generates a name with which to store the object.
    This would really help out a lot.
    Now I have to pick my names with great care, and often spend a lot of time creating macros to set this name in an automated fashion.

    If an operator has multiple outputs, it would simple store all results.
  • MariusHelfMariusHelf RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 1,869 Unicorn
    F12 is also occupied, for manually starting the process validation. But finding a good shortcut is the smallest problem :) I doubt that this auto-save feature will be accepted by our developer team, but we'll see.

    However, here's how to view intermediate results - to store or view the results you can do the following:

    - run the process and wait until it has finished
    - right-click a port of the operator (the same way as if you wanted to start a new connection, just with the right mouse)
    - now you should get the option to either view or to store the data that the port delivered or received

    There are two problems which may occur:
    - if the operator is located in a loop, you can only see the result of the last iteration
    - if your process needs a lot of memory RapidMiner will discard intermediate results that it does not need anymore. In that case the only option you get at right-click is "Disconnect".

    This right-clicking feature also works while you are in a breakpoint (obviously only for operators that have already been executed), and even while the process is running.

  • wesselwessel Member Posts: 537 Guru

    So actually my second idea makes more sense.
    Generate some auto naming convention.
    This might be explicitly integrated with the store operator.
    Maybe have a tick box "auto name".

    Best regards,

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