Need guidance for analytics in rapidminer

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Hi, This is prabhu, I am IT profressional. currently i am in BI for last 6+ yrs. Now i have to change my career into analytics.I don't know about statitcs and analytics. in real time what are all the models used and how we need to develop in rapidminer. i searched into google there listed some of the models like Predective, Time series, Regression ,Fraud analytics, etc... I downloaded most of the videos from youtube related for rapidminer. further step anyone guide me..... :)


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    apart from the documentation material available on rapidminer.com I can suggest the book Data Mining for the Masses by Peter North. That will give you a decent introduction to data mining with RapidMiner. And of course you could also take part in one of our training sessions. For more information please have a look at our website.

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