creating sets with specific attributes

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Hello everyone!
Im new to the forum and just started to use Rapidminer 5.3. this week. I was previously working with SPSS Modeler and now trying to figure out how to do the same things with Rapidminer.

My first question would be: how can I create sets with specific "attributes" or ranges? So for example, I have a table of users ID's and their purchases in dollars from the last months. I would like to set it up so, that users who spent less than $100 is one group, the ones who spend more than $100 another group.

I think this is really basic stuff, but I cant seem to find the right node to do this in the program. Any help will be greatly appreciated!



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    MariusHelfMariusHelf RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 1,869 Unicorn

    you can use a chain of two Filter Examples attributes. The first one selects the users with purchase > 100. Its upper output port puts out the filtered data, the lower one the original (complete) data. This can be passed to the second Filter Examples operator, that then selects the users with purchase < 100.

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    jaakko1jaakko1 Member Posts: 8 Contributor II
    Thank you Marius for your reply! I also found out that with Generate Attributes it seems to be able to do this. It lets you name the attribute and create a function expression to classify according to certain values.
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