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I'm new to Rapid Miner and Data Mining in general. I'm using Rapid Miner 5.3 and I'm having a problem interpreting the results of the Rule Induction Model. Below is a section of the results

if You > 0.500 then author2 (1 / 34 / 2)
if Your = 0.500 and a > 1.500 and A = 1 then author3  (0 / 0 / 7)

Basically i'm trying to predict author based on words used in song.
I'm little confused about what the numbers 0.500 in the first rule and 1.500 and 1 in the second rule means. I was using ProcessDocumentsFromFiles operator with vector creation parameter set to "Term occurrence" and then "Split Data" operator.

Thanks in advance for any help


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    could you attach your process as XML ?
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