export rapidminer into .jar file in Eclipse

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I have downloaded the source code of rapidminer from github.  Now I want to export it into a .jar file and use it in my program as a library in Eclipse.
I tried using "JAR Export" and ant "createJar" target but both failed with compile errors.

* error info in "JARExport"

  Exported with compile warnings: RapidMiner/src/liblinear/Linear.java
  Exported with compile warnings: RapidMiner/src/liblinear/Predict.java
  Exported with compile warnings: RapidMiner/src/liblinear/Train.java
  Exported with compile warnings: RapidMiner/src/libsvm/Svm.java
  RapidMiner/src/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF was replaced by the generated MANIFEST.MF and is no longer in the JAR.
  Exported with compile warnings: RapidMiner/src_generated/com/rapidminer/deployment/client/wsimport/UpdateServiceException_Exception.java
  Exported with compile warnings: RapidMiner/src_launcher/com/rapid_i/Launcher.java
  Exported with compile warnings: RapidMiner/src_test/com/rapidminer/test/TestContext.java
  Exported with compile warnings: RapidMiner/src_agpl/com/rapidminer/tools/jep/function/ExpressionParser.java
  Problem writing RapidMiner/.gitignore to JAR: duplicate entry: .gitignore
  duplicate entry: .gitignore
  Resource is out of sync with the file system: '/RapidMiner/lib/plugins/Readme.txt'.

* error info in ant

    [javac] C:\Users\s202499\workspace\RapidMiner\src\com\rapidminer\doc\ReferenceTaglet.java:121: error: cannot find symbol
    [javac] Taglet t = tagletMap.get(tag.getName());
    [javac] ^
    [javac]  symbol:  class Taglet
    [javac]  location: class ReferenceTaglet
    [javac] C:\Users\s202499\workspace\RapidMiner\src\com\rapidminer\doc\ReferenceTaglet.java:129: error: cannot find symbol
    [javac] return toString(new Tag[] { tag });
    [javac]                     ^
    [javac]  symbol:  class Tag
    [javac]  location: class ReferenceTaglet
    [javac] C:\Users\s202499\workspace\RapidMiner\src\com\rapidminer\doc\XMLExampleTaglet.java:80: error: cannot find symbol
    [javac] Taglet t = tagletMap.get(tag.getName());
    [javac] ^
    [javac]  symbol:  class Taglet
    [javac]  location: class XMLExampleTaglet
    [javac] 74 errors
    [javac] 24 warnings

Here, I just list a small part of the information. I dont know how i can fix it.
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