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Hi all,

I'm able to read questions on support.rapidminer.com, but unable to answer them (Chinese firewall) so just going to post up the answers here and hope one of you guys can help answer the questions for me. 

IF Statements - Nested, Multiple Conditions
My answer:
"Why not try the discretize by user specification operator?  It sounds like this might do the job without any trick IF statement syntax.  Simply have your credit score field (I presume this is numeric) and then connect it to the discretize operator with the ranges set by the upper limit. 

For example:
Low - 100
Mid - 200
High - Infinity"

Robust Regression / least absolute deviation (LAD)
My answer:
"Yes, use the Performance Regression operator to do this.  The absolute error option is the absolute deviation so you can optimize it using the RapidMiner optimize operator.  "
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