"Why memory problem only in KNN"

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Hi, i am working in text classification on 20NewsGroup dataset with 100 documents in each category. I classify text documents via Naive Bayes using 10-fold cross validation, It runs successfully and give me results at the end.

I tried same with KNN with 10-fold cross validation but it always ends in "Process Failure" which shows that it requires more memory than available. I increase heap space for rapidminer to 2.5G in build.xml as well as rapidminerGUI.bat but nothing improves and it always ends up in demanding more memory.

Kindly help, i am stuck out at it and tried every possible option i could think about

Platform Details:

OS: Windows 7(64 bit)
Software Version: Rapidminer 5.3 (64 bit)
Java: Java 1.7 (64 bit)


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