how to proceed with rapid miner?

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hi friends,
    I am working on Insurance claims analytics application. I need to develop a model that inputs claims data, detects fraud patterns and match business rules, outputs suspecious claims. Please guide me in solving this problem...i am new to rapid miner...thanks in advance.



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    Hello Jayaraj

    Please note:
    If you know what you want to do and do not know how to this with RapidMiner, it is much easier to help you. You need at least some kind of strategy to start fraud detection .. RapidMiner can not substitute a good book :). I also suggest www.analyticbridge.com, a analyst community site. I  guess there will be some experts on fraud detection, too.

    To get a kick start please recognize that there is a file called tutorial.pdf at RapidMiner download page at sourceforge. Furthermore there are online tutorials within application.

    If you have questions to solve specific steps with rapidminer, feel free to come back and ask again

    happy mining

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