SVM Multiclass Classification

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How SVM will create hyperplane for multiclass label?


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    MariusHelfMariusHelf RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 1,869 Unicorn
    It can't, you have to use other techniques, e.g. the 1-vs.-all pattern as performed by the Polynominal by Binominal regression.
    Implementations of the SVM that support multiple classes do something similar internally.

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    mbeckmannmbeckmann Member Posts: 15 Contributor II

    Unfortunatelly I have to disagree,


    LIBSVM is able to deal with multiclass classification, and if fact there's a connector to LIBSVM in RM, but then the LIBSVM results stays constrained by this strange architecture of Polynomial and Binomail that exists only in Rapidminer.


    Even a simple IRIS problem, is not possible to obtain a simple AUC, F-Measure, or ROC, and the Polynomial by Binomial classification or regression, simply doesn't work.


    There is mathematical formulation to abandon this polynomial and binomial architecture, and this is a widespread methodology in any machine learning tool like Weka, R, Phyton libs, etc.

    I think it's time to abandon this Poly/Bin architecture, but this involves deep changes in the RM structure.





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    mbeckmannmbeckmann Member Posts: 15 Contributor II



    The Polynomial by Binomial classification or regression, is working fine, and I can't disagree and complain about Poly/Bin architecture, without to propose possible solutions and to contribute some how with this great platform. Possible solutions for this problem are discussed in this topic.






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