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So if I export the following (see below) from excel into a csv file

Cold heat lift (W) 5846 5370 5604 6982 6959 6618 5559 5848
COPr 0.617 0.599 0.613 0.544 0.511 0.583 0.5317 0.494
Porosity hot 0.715 0.85 0.8 0.715 0.715 0.715 0.8 0.8
Hot Regen Length (mm) 135.5 135.5 135.5 50 37.5 75 75 50
Fpk (N) hot displacer 1158 490 637 576 510 730 489 438

now if I use import csv, the import csv imports the data but sets the total number of examples to -1 even though later on it says there are 5 examples.  so if I want to filter by example number, it gives an error and the auto fix sets the start and stop example numbers negative.  how do I get the import csv operator to work properly so that filter by example number works?



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    Marco_BoeckMarco_Boeck Administrator, Moderator, Employee, Member, University Professor Posts: 1,996 RM Engineering

    what you see is the metadata RapidMiner Studio uses to help design processes. This metadata however is sometimes not accurate. In your case, it would actually have to read the entire file to know the number of examples in it. This would be perfectly fine for small files, but not acceptable for huge ones. Thus certain values are simply not available without actually running the process. The "errors" shown are more of a warning and indicate potential problems. In your case, this is not a problem and you can simply ignore the "error". The process can be executed as usual despite any of those potential "errors".

    What you can do is toggle the button in the top right corner above the process which updates metadata to match execution. You can then add a breakpoint behind the "Read CSV" operator (select it and press F7) and execute the process until this breakpoint. Then it will pause and the metadata will display the actual number of examples. You can then configure other parameters of the following operators and continue execution.

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