"Text Mining- Select Token based on Dictionary File"

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Hi every one,

I'm trying to work on a text mining workflow to filter specific language contents based on  a specific language dictionary (TXT file most probably).

I was able to filter stopwords using the operator "Filter Stopwords (Dictionary)" to filter the content depending on a dictionary, but I'm still trying to select tokens based also on a dictionary, but it seems that the only operator offered is Filter Tokens (by contents) (which enables selecting tokens based on a regular expression, there is no option for selecting tokens based on a dictionary file).

I need your support if you have an idea if there exists any operator to do that, or if I'm missing something.

Thank you in advance


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    It's the same problem I have. did you solve it?


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    Would you have a practical high level example?


    What I sometimes do is using a reverse logic flow. So if the tokens can be used to remove 'good content', like the language you are looking for, what remains is 'bad content'. This return can then be used as a filter for your original set, so you can identify the good ones by deducting the outcome of the token process.


    Not sure if it's helpfull, there may be other and better ways but more details can help in that case.

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