"Use of Macros within Process XML"

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Hi all,

I'm trying to use Macros within the XML of a process to set the attibutes of an operator via a macro. 

So for example could I have two macros %{xpath} & %{fields} which generate in a loop create some XML which is then used in the process as the operator? 

%{xpath} =
<parameter key="xpath_for_attribute" value="a:DataFields[1]/a:Value[1]/text()"/><parameter key="xpath_for_attribute" value="a:DataFields[2]....[
%{fields} =
<parameter key="1" value="att1.true.nominal.attribute"/><parameter key="2" value="att2.true.....
Currently when I put it into the XML it just removes it when I press the green tick button.
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