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"How do I upgrade from RapidMiner 5 to RapidMiner Studio 6 and keep my settings"

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It is not possible to update directly from RapidMiner 5 to RapidMiner Studio 6, so you need to download it from the website and install it separately. Also RapidMiner Studio 6 uses a new folder to store settings and default repositories.


All processes created with RapidMiner 5 can still be used in RapidMiner Studio 6. However, RapidMiner Studio 6 reads configuration settings from a different location than RapidMiner 5 does. Therefore, when starting RapidMiner Studio 6, you will not see your old repositories, preferences, and other configuration options.

To keep your old settings, copy the entire folder .RapidMiner5 to .RapidMiner in your user folder.

To restore your RapidMiner 5 repositories, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the folders .RapidMiner5 and .RapidMiner in your user folder. The first is used by RapidMiner 5 whereas RapidMiner Studio 6 uses the second.

  2. Move or copy the repository folders in .RapidMiner5/repositories/ to a place where you want to store data, e.g. .RapidMiner/repositories/.

  3. Start RapidMiner 6 Studio.

  4. In the toolbar of the “Repositories” view, click “Add Repository” (first icon, showing a server with a “+“).

  5. In the dialog, select “New local repository” and press “Next”.

  6. Assign a name in the “Alias” text field.

  7. Uncheck “Use standard location” (the standard location is inside the folder .RapidMiner6/repositories).

  8. Select the location where you copied your repository and click Finish.

Repeat steps 4-8 for each repository you want to re-add.

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