"Error contacting RapidMiner Server from RapidMiner Studio"

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I'm trying to follow this video tutorial which explain how to create a remote repository from RapidMiner analytics.

I have installed both (Analytics and Server) in my local machine but when I try to connect to  RapidMiner Server I get this error:

"Error contacting RapidMiner Server repository: Cannot connect to RapidMiner Server respository 'RapidMiner Server'
"Reason: Server returned HTTP response code: 400 for URL: http://localhost:8080/RAWS/rapidminer-server/instance';

Have any body faced this issue?



  • Marco_BoeckMarco_Boeck Administrator, Moderator, Employee, Member, University Professor Posts: 1,993 RM Engineering

    let me ask you some questons first:
    Which version of RapidMiner Studio (the standalone GUI client) do you use?
    Which version of RapidMiner Server (the Server component, formerly called RapidAnalytics) do you use?
    What exactly did you enter in the Remote Repository dialog (please don't post your actual password ;) )
    Are there more information in the log (USER_HOME/.RapidMiner/rapidminer-studio.log) file?

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