"[SOLVED] Pivot operation: RapidMiner vs Knime"

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By using the surveys I thoutght that RapidMiner is better than Knime.
However, when I tryed to pivot a large amount of data (1.2 million lines that have the shape:transaction id, user id, quantity) knime did it in about 15 minutes and RapidMiner didn't manage to do it.

I specify that yes I used the last version of knime and the 5.3 verison of RapidMiner and the computer that was used for the benchmark had 8GB of memory and and i3 CPU.

I increased the memory for both (Knime and RapidMiner ) at 6 GB.

Since, normally (by using the surveys) RapidMiner is better than Knime, could you point out some tips to improve it's speed?
( because I'm starting to have doubts about the fact that RapidMiner is better than Knime)

Thank you!


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    veveveve Member Posts: 63 Contributor II
    I didn't manage to do it faster than on knime but I did manage to see how to make it work (on the same computer)

    - in order to do it I selected the boolean sparse array for data maanagement.
    It's too bad that RapidMiner doesn't know how to choose it by itself ;) (like knime)
    and that this datamanegement option is not available for all operators

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