[SOLVED?] Unknown operator class: 'process'!.

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On Friday everythong worked fine. Today: i'm finding myself with this error:

"Process cannot be created: com.rapidminer.tools.XMLException: Unknown operator class: 'process'!."

I'm having this error only when I try to run a process on the server.
The server is up and running.

I tried:
- restarting the server
- restarting the RapidAnalytics server
- removing and adding again the RapidAnalytics repository
- re - install rapidminer

On the server I have the following error:

2014-09-29 09:26:42,797 SEVERE [de.rapidanalytics.web.tools.ProcessServiceDelegate] (http-8088-6) Cannot create process: com.rapidminer.tools.XMLException: Unknown operator class: 'process'!: com.rapidminer.tools.XMLException: Unknown operator class: 'process'!
       at com.rapidminer.io.process.XMLImporter.parseOperator(XMLImporter.java:517) [:5.3.015-${platform}]
       at com.rapidminer.io.process.XMLImporter.parseOperator(XMLImporter.java:492) [:5.3.015-${platform}]
       at com.rapidminer.io.process.XMLImporter.parseRootOperator(XMLImporter.java:351) [:5.3.015-${platform}]
       at com.rapidminer.io.process.XMLImporter.parse(XMLImporter.java:316) [:5.3.015-${platform}]
       at com.rapidminer.io.process.XMLImporter.parse(XMLImporter.java:292) [:5.3.015-${platform}]
       at com.rapidminer.Process.readProcess(Process.java:1108) [:5.3.015-${platform}]
       at com.rapidminer.Process.readProcess(Process.java:1090) [:5.3.015-${platform}]
       at com.rapidminer.Process.<init>(Process.java:259) [:5.3.015-${platform}]
       at de.rapidanalytics.web.tools.ProcessServiceDelegate.executeProcess(ProcessServiceDelegate.java:167) [:]
       at de.rapidanalytics.web.tools.ProcessServiceDelegate.executeProcessSimple(ProcessServiceDelegate.java:88) [:]
       at de.rapidanalytics.web.service.ProcessService.executeProcessSimple(Unknown Source) [:]
       at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method) [:1.7.0_67]
       at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(NativeMethodAccessorImpl.java:57) [:1.7.0_67]

Any ideeas?

Thank you!



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    veveveve Member Posts: 63 Contributor II
    Worked when I reinstalled the server in another place


    - I think that this is not a real solution
    - I do not understand how come if I installed the server in another place, it still has my process scheduler history (?)

    Thank you!
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    homburghomburg Moderator, Employee, Member Posts: 114 RM Data Scientist
    Hi Alina,

    did you receive this error with all of your processes? Usually this type of error only occurs when certain processes made with a RapidMiner version 4.6 or older are deployed to the server.

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    veveveve Member Posts: 63 Contributor II

    yes! even for a newly empty process!
    I never used RapidMiner 4.6. I used only RapidMiner 5.3

    The error just camed back again (I did nothing special!)
    I tried installing again RapidAnalytics on the server but this time it didn't worked...

    Where shoud I change and what in order to make it work again?

    Thank you!

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    veveveve Member Posts: 63 Contributor II
    I saw that on the folder

    I have a file called ProcessService.wsdl and one ProcessService_1_3.wsdl

    is this ok?

    Thank you!
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    veveveve Member Posts: 63 Contributor II
    Also, I saw that on the Operators and Extension section from RapidAnalytics  there is none operator right now (it wasn't like this before)...

    Ans, I saw this logs at starting

    [ParameterService] Reading configuration resource com/rapidminer/resources/rapidminerrc.
    13:48:30,164 INFO  [rapidminer] Set locale to en.
    13:48:30,190 INFO  [Launcher] Property rapidminer.home is not set. Guessing.
    13:48:30,190 INFO  [Launcher] Trying base directory of classes (build) 'failed
    13:48:30,198 INFO  [RepositoryManager] Cannot access file system in execution mode APPSERVER. Not loading repositories.
    13:48:30,264 INFO  [rapidminer] Register plugin: WordNet
    13:48:30,265 INFO  [rapidminer] Register plugin: Weka
    13:48:30,265 INFO  [rapidminer] Register plugin: Text Processing
    13:48:30,265 INFO  [rapidminer] Register plugin: Series
    13:48:30,265 INFO  [rapidminer] Register plugin: Parallel Processing
    13:48:30,265 INFO  [rapidminer] Register plugin: R Extension
    13:48:30,265 INFO  [rapidminer] Register plugin: PMML
    13:48:30,265 INFO  [rapidminer] Register plugin: Community
    13:48:30,266 INFO  [rapidminer] Register plugin: Reporting
    13:48:34,590 INFO  [PluginInitR] Trying to load R Library...

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    homburghomburg Moderator, Employee, Member Posts: 114 RM Data Scientist
    Hi Alina,

    it looks like no operators are loaded during startup. Can you send me your server config files?

    Cheers, Helge
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