Memory usage of Read CSV operator seems excessive

tennenrishintennenrishin Member Posts: 177 Contributor II
edited November 2018 in Help
It would seem like Read CSV uses far more memory than necessary, which drastically reduces the maximum size of files that it can read on a given machine.

This suspicion is motivated by the fact that a CSV file that is too large to read on a given machine with Read CSV, can very easily be read on that same machine by splitting the file longitudinally (with a common ID field in each part), reading and storing each part in the repository (using Read CSV), and finally reading and joining the parts from the repository.

If the Read CSV were to reuse memory internally, then RapidMiner would (for a given machine) be able to import much larger input data sets directly from CSV files without using the above workaround. This seems like an important constraint for an application such as RM.

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