"Programmatic access to multiple Word Vectors?"

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When using the Word Vector methods in the Text plugin (or the associated WVTool library), I know that I can create a single WordVector using one of the classes (like TDIDF) that implement the WVTVectorCreator interface. That allows me to access the internal double array of calculated weights.

If one uses the WVTool.createVectors method to create an entire set of WordVectors (createVectors(WVTInputList input, WVTConfiguration config, WVTWordList wordList) ), is it possible to get direct programmatic access to the collection of WordVectors that were created? I want to be able to iterate over those and access the double arrays of the weights.

From what I have read so far, the WordVector results can be written to a text file, but I'd rather not have to write and read from disk constantly. Any suggestions?

Steve Kramer


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    I am not completely sure but in the class "TextInput" of the text plugin should be something like this. Probably somewhere near the RapidMinerOutputFilter stuff. Maybe Michael is reading this and can give more details...

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