"Rapid Miner- Process Document Icon error- cannot produce results"

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In the main process, I dragged and dropped four separate READ documents. I then placed the PROCESS DOCUMENTS icon into the process and attached each read document to the Process Document icon. I linked the process document icon WOR (word list) connector to the RES (results) meta data output to attempt to generate results. I discovered there was an error between the PROCESS DOCUMENT connection to the RES (results) output. I checked the Read Documents and they generated results when they were individually connected to the RES (results) connection. But when I connected the Read Documents to the Process Documents icon, an error occurred and did not produce results.

I made several efforts to find a solution. I uninstalled Rapid Miner software and re-downloaded the Rapid Miner software, making a new account and license. When this did not work. I switched computers and downloaded the Rapid Miner software on a new computer. After I logged onto Rapid Miner with the license given, I re-downloaded the Text mining extension and Web Mining extension from the Top Downloads tool bar. This attempt still produced the same PROCESS DOCUMENT connection error. I re-downloaded the documents that I READ into the Process, I re-downloaded the Web and Text Mining extensions and the software. I also switched computers. In my classroom (Data and Text Mining) all of the other students and computers they are using are working just fine, with no similar errors. I was encouraged by my instructor to ask for help after we could not find a solution. I am very eager and appreciate your response.

Thank you


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