Beginner needs help processing first text document

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Edit #2: I got RapidMiner started by going through the start menu instead of its quick launch icon (which had worked until today for some reason). I also can now get text analysis results (I had mistakenly forgotten to leave ‘prune method’ = none.

Hi folks. I followed the steps listed here (http://auburnbigdata.blogspot.ca/2013/03/text-processing-tutorial-with-rapidminer.html) for doing basic processing of a text document. In my case, I'm trying a simple 1-page text document. I can open the document but can't process it.

My setup (main process and vector creation) looks identical to the pictures in the blog post and RapidMiner runs, but the results window is empty. When I checked the <Problems> window, it reports ‘No problems found.’

I'm using RapidMiner studio 6.2.


Thank you in advance

p.s. Since posting this, RapidMiner has stopped loading. I get an error message ‘Java could not be launched. Probably there is not enough free memory …’ (There is actually > 10GB of available memory, according to Windows).


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    Could you please provide your process available in the XML view like

    XML code
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    mr_espressomr_espresso Member Posts: 2 Contributor I
    Thanks for the reply. I got it working after all and tried to delete my message, but the system doesn’t allow this.
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