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When using the CompleteFeatureGeneration-operator I get additional
attributes, i.e. when selecting "use_mult" the following 3 attributes are
generated: a^2, a*b, b^2. Unfortunately, as attribute name "gensym,
gensym1, and gensym2" was given. Having many attributes in the original
dataset it becomes complicated to determine how gensym23 was generated …

I would suggest not to generate names like gensym but to generate the new
names from the original attributes. I.e. the attributes are "AAA" and "BBB"
I would like to have as new constructed attributes "AAA * AAA", "AAA *
BBB", "BBB * BBB". The operator "* (use_mult)" could also be replaced by
the corresponding function.

Best Regards



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    Hi Volker,

    actually, this information is already available. In the meta data view, you can open the context menu in the upper right corner (the blue triangle) and activate the column "construction description". Here you will find the desired information. We distinguish between the name and the construction description since the name has to be unique, the construction description not.

    However, in the upcoming 4.4 release there is also a new operator called "Construction2Names" which can be used to replace the names by the construction descriptions shown in the meta data view. That should do the trick.

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    Hello Ingo,

    I really appreciate you fast response - Thank you!! That's excatly what I wanted to have :-)

    Best Regards

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