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I am a new to RapidMiner.
I am trying to do text analysis of texts which are contained in a csv file. I installed RapidMiner on Windows PC, and tried data import wizard. In Step 5 of wizard, RapidMiner ask me to input the location of a repository, saying "Please specify a repository location". In the window, local repository directly is displayed with data and processes folder. I am wondering what I should do in this process. If I could find the "Local Repository" folder on my PC, I will try to copy the csv file into data or processes folder, but I could not find it by searching my PC.

Any advice will be welcomed.


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    To load/store data from RapidMiner processes, you most of the time use a "repository". All repositories are treated the same in RapidMiner Studio, regardless of where the files actually are. The files you store in a repository can be stored on a file system (your default "Local Repository"), on a RM Server, in the Cloud or in a database. The repository mechanism was introduced so one has a convenient way of storing/retrieving files without having to worry about specific source/target location details.

    In step 5 of the CSV import wizard you simply specify where you want to store the former .csv file in your repository for later access. When doing so, it is converted to a common format for data in Studio, a so called Example Set. Which is basically a table similar to a database table. After you have saved the data in the repository, you can then access it via the "Retrieve" operator in your Studio processes and do whatever you like with it.

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