"balancing data with sample"

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Hi all

I was attempting to balance a dataset before running a decision tree against the data. 

sample/balance data/absolute/sample size per class

No matter what number I set at the 'size per class' I get the message below (only the number in the message increases each time).  I don't know what the significance of this message is?

'The exampleset must contain at least 100 examples.'

Thanks in advance


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    mafern76mafern76 Member Posts: 45 Contributor II
    Do you get it under PROBLEMS or when running the process? Sometimes things can show up under PROBLEMS if your data source can't pass metadata or if some other node messes up or can't properly or precisely pass along metadata. If you are sure the process is OK, then when you run it it runs anyway...

    If you run it and when you get to the warning node you get an error, then you should check node by node what is going on. After running and receiving the error, you can right click at the output of every node that did run before the error and check where you are filtering out your examples.

    Hope this helps..
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