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Hi Everyone,

I have a branch operator at the end of a few nested loops and I was just wondering how i get an example set returned from within the branch? In the "Then" section I have the exampleset I want returned connected to the port on the right hand side and the "return inner output" selected in the branch parameters but when I connect the output of the branch operator to something expecting the exampleset i get an error

Do I need to store the example sets from within the branch and have a operator read them from outside or is there a way to pass the execution and the example set back out of the "then" part of the branch?


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    Hello Mob,

    you used the branch operator correctly. The object which is handed to the right of Else or Then is returned on the upper level. Are you sure that your conition is fullfilled and the correct branch is used?

    Could you maybe give an example process showing the problem?

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