"Can I use a macro value to crawl sites ?"

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Hi there,

Can I use macro values one way or another with the Crawl web operator to set the url value ? I've tried the obvious %{my_macro_value} but the system didn't like that.

I would like to use this option (or any alternative as my process is as follows :

I have an example set containing urls I want to crawl, for example


However, every url above can have several pages also, like


which I all need to crawl strting from the 'master' page. Works perfectly if I use the crawl web parameter with static data, but since the list is variable I need to find a way to provide the id, or the full url, as a variable to the operator. Using the get page operator is not a real option since I do not know upfront how many pages are available as query string.

Any suggestion ?
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