Identifying trends and data from original excel sheet using exported wordlist

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Hi guys. First off, I want to apologize because I am very new to data mining and am just starting with working through this. I have watched some tutorials and have some basics down and have managed to derive a word list from an excel sheet. However, now I am a bit stuck. I am looking for a couple things.

1. Is there a way to filter out single words from a word list? I see you can set a max n-grams, but not a minimum. The only method I can see is to set your minimum number of tokens.

2. How do I compare a word list that I extracted from an excel file to the excel file I got it from? A little background. I pulled data from a ticketing system which has free-text fields as well as some set fields. Now that I have some key phrases, I would like to go back and compare them with location and date to see if I can identify trends.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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