"mac repository placement"

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Hello.  Thank you for the nice mac-specific upgrade.  One feature request I'd really like to see is a choice on where the RM Studio repository is located on the computer.  Right now it's in a folder in the home directory called ".RapidMiner" and it's a hidden folder (why??).




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    the .RapidMiner folder stores all your settings and, by default, your local repository. This was done to make it harder for people to accidentally lose their data ;)
    Earlier versions actually asked the user where he would like to store the local repository, but that turned out to be a major point of confusion in usability tests.

    You can still change the location of it manually, though. Copy&Paste your repository folder where you want to have it, and then right-click on the repository in Studio and select "Configure repository". You can then change the directory to the new folder.

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