"How to avoid RM generated meta info when exporting to text ?"

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Hi there, I'm running a whole workflow within RM to crawl websites and create an XML document out of the details I need. All works fine apart from the export part. I'm using the 'write as text' option to store the result as an XML file, but RM adds on the first line some additional code as follows :

02.08.2015 19:45:39 Results of ResultWriter 'Write as Text (2)' [1]:
02.08.2015 19:45:39

Since this makes the XML invalid my question is twofold :

A: How can i avoid RM to add this data on my export, so I export only what I need (the <myXML>...</myXML> part) ?
B: Or, is there a better way to save my XML document rather than using the text option ?

I'm using RM 5.3
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