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"A problem when reading csv files using Execute R[solved]"

gunnerli90gunnerli90 Member Posts: 11 Contributor I
edited June 2019 in Help
I recently used Execute R to read csv files and the corresponding R function is read.csv(). The csv file is a table of 29 rows and 3 columns. An interesting fact is that the result of using this extension is different from that of other R console,  such as R or R studio. There exists an element in the csv file:

2381: How should you study for the AP Exam? Choose the best response(s).
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V. Read your entire textbook right before you take the AP exam

Each line is ended with "\n". With Execute R, it separated this paragraph into six lines, which is not I want it to do. However, in R or R studio, it groups the whole paragraph together. This paragraph is in the 23rd line, the first column.
Please tell me how to group this element together in Execute R, just as same as the result in R. Thank you!
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