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Dear Community,


this post is a currated list of papers about RapidMiner or with use of RapidMiner. If you would like to add a new Paper to the list, please sent me a private message.


Papers about RapidMiner and it's extensions


  • YALE: Rapid Prototyping for Complex Data Mining Tasks - Mierswa, Wurst, Klinkenberg, Scholz, Euler. Free PDF is available on http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu

    The initial paper on the first version of RapidMiner called Yale back then.

  • Optimization plugin for RapidMiner, Umaashankar, Sangkyun. Free PDF available on tu-dortmund.de
  • Extending RapidMiner with Data Search and Integration Capabilities, Gentile, Kirstein, Paulheim, Bizer. Free PDF available on uni-mannheim.de

  •  Scientific Workflows for Process Mining: Building Blocks, Scenarios, and Implementation, Bolt, de Leoni, van der Aalst. Free PDF available on springer.com

Healthcare / Medicine

  •  Scalable Predictive Analysis in Critically Ill Patients using a Visual Open Data Analysis Platform, Van Pouke et. al. Free PDF on journals.plos.org
  • Computer-Assisted Structure Identification (CASI)—An Automated Platform for High-Throughput Identification of Small Molecules by Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography Coupled to Mass Spectrometry, Knorr, Monge, Stueber, Stratmann, Arndt, Martin, Pospisil. PDF available on pubs.acs.org/
  • Image-guided preoperative prediction of pyramidal tract side effect in deep brain stimulation, Baumgarten, Zhao, Sauleau, Malrain, Jannin, Haegelen. Free PDF available on Researchgate.net


  • Application of data mining techniques in atmospheric neutrino analyses with IceCube, Tim Ruhe. Free PDF is available on epj-conferences.org
    Paper on usage of RapidMiner on the IceCube neutrino telescope based on the geographic south pole.





  •  Exploiting Process Cubes, Analytic Workflows and Process Mining for Business Process Reporting: A Case Study in Education, Bolt, de Leoni, van der Aalst, Gorissen. Free PDF available on processmining.org





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