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Dear Community,


this post is a currated list of papers about RapidMiner or with use of RapidMiner. If you would like to add a new Paper to the list, please sent me a private message.


Papers about RapidMiner and it's extensions


  • YALE: Rapid Prototyping for Complex Data Mining Tasks - Mierswa, Wurst, Klinkenberg, Scholz, Euler. Free PDF is available on

    The initial paper on the first version of RapidMiner called Yale back then.

  • Optimization plugin for RapidMiner, Umaashankar, Sangkyun. Free PDF available on
  • Extending RapidMiner with Data Search and Integration Capabilities, Gentile, Kirstein, Paulheim, Bizer. Free PDF available on

  •  Scientific Workflows for Process Mining: Building Blocks, Scenarios, and Implementation, Bolt, de Leoni, van der Aalst. Free PDF available on

Healthcare / Medicine

  •  Scalable Predictive Analysis in Critically Ill Patients using a Visual Open Data Analysis Platform, Van Pouke et. al. Free PDF on
  • Computer-Assisted Structure Identification (CASI)—An Automated Platform for High-Throughput Identification of Small Molecules by Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography Coupled to Mass Spectrometry, Knorr, Monge, Stueber, Stratmann, Arndt, Martin, Pospisil. PDF available on
  • Image-guided preoperative prediction of pyramidal tract side effect in deep brain stimulation, Baumgarten, Zhao, Sauleau, Malrain, Jannin, Haegelen. Free PDF available on


  • Application of data mining techniques in atmospheric neutrino analyses with IceCube, Tim Ruhe. Free PDF is available on
    Paper on usage of RapidMiner on the IceCube neutrino telescope based on the geographic south pole.





  •  Exploiting Process Cubes, Analytic Workflows and Process Mining for Business Process Reporting: A Case Study in Education, Bolt, de Leoni, van der Aalst, Gorissen. Free PDF available on





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