RapidMiner LDAP Integration

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User authentication via LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) provides a very flexible way for administrators to configure the set of users who can use RapidMiner Server and also assign the appropriate rights for them. It also provides the users with a convenient way to authenticate themselves by using their corporate username and password


Details about setting up LDAP Authentication can be found here



Additonal FAQ's


  1. Is there a way to search on more than one LDAP Server ("ldap.providerUrl")?
    • Yes, space delimited. Something like below  allow you to add more than one LDAP server.

      "ldap://host:port/dc=DomainComponent ldap://host2:port2/dc=DomainComponent"
  2. Is there a way of search within more than one "ou" for the ldap.search.base?
    • Enter blank space as search base and leave out DC-values for the various ldap-server-URIs


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