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I'm looking into utilizing RapidMiner at my company but we have very strict data policies in that absolutely no cloud storage may be utilized (data can not leave our environment in any way - even if just temporarily cached on external servers).  I know RapidMiner has some sort of cloud based storage and processing capabilities and i'm wondering if there's a way to specifically block this functionality (through the firewall or somthing of that sort - or more eaisly through the application itself).

Is there some sort of documentation i can reference to get RapidMiner vetted with my organizations security group to ensure that we can locally process data and that there is no possibility of it leaving our environment?


I apologize if this is a repeat question, but didn't find anything in my searches along the lines of what i was looking for.


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    our Cloud capabilities are only used if you explicitly want them to be used. So Sebastian is correct by saying that they are only used when you log into Cloud yourself. And then you'd also have to actually move data to the Cloud repository yourself. Nothing of that can happen without you doing it manually.


    Both usage statistics (which ask you for permission before they are submitted) and Wisdom of Crowds (which also ask you for permission before activatation) don't care about your actual data. 






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    Hi Scott,


    as far as I know you need to explicitly login to the cloud repository and shift processes and data there to make it leave your computer. But you would need RapidMiner to confirm that on a legal level.

    Also you probably want to shut down usage statistics and recommender in the preferences to avoid any data about your RapidMiner usage going to RapidMiner.




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    Thank you Macro_Boeck, would you happen to know if thereare any IP's or somthing of that like that we could explicitly block in order to prevent end users from accidentally or unknowingly uploading data to the cloud?

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    you can block "https://cloud.rapidminer.com" to prevent any interaction with our Cloud infrastructure.




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