RapidMiner not loading past the blank process screen

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I just downloaded the latest version of RapidMiner and installed it on OSX10.10.5 using my approved education license (Im teaching it). When I open the application the opening screen opens and I can choose options, but if I choose any processes, including starting a blank process, RapidMiner never gets past this screen below:


I havent run into this on any of the older versions. I have the latest JDK installed.



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    JessForbesRMJessForbesRM RapidMiner Certified Analyst, RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 38 RM Data Scientist
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    It sounds like something went wrong behind the scenes in your install. 



    A fresh install should do the trick.  


    To make sure no configuration files are  incorrect lets start by saving off the .Rapidminer folder to a RapidminerBackUp  


    Once the directory is renamed run the installer again and Rapidminer should rebuild itself.  



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    review-restore default view

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