Using JWNL / Wordnet in RapidMiner WVTool

wotsiznamizwotsiznamiz Member Posts: 9 Contributor II
Can someone please help me figure out how to implement the following functionality that is discussed in the Rapidminer Text Mining Tutorial?  I cannot figure out how to get this to work...

"To use Wordnet with the Word Vector Tool, you need a working installation of Wordnet 2.1.  Also, you need a configuration file for JWNL. An example configuration file can be found in the sample directory. Usually it should be sufficient to set the correct path to your Wordnet dictionary directory (setting the parameter ‘dictionary_path’). For more information on configuring the JWNL please refer to their homepage.  Currently, Wordnet is supported for the use in the stemmer step, thus to reduce a word to some base form. The corresponding classes are called ‘WordNetHypernymStemmer’ and WordNetSynonymStemmer’."

I am very confused about ho w to do this, including:
(1) Where do I put the JWNL files?
(2) Where do I put the Wordnet files?
(3) When I open Rapidminer, should JWNL / Wordnet / WordNetSynonymStemmer just be available?

I also notice that others seem to be having issues as well, based on this post


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    Sorry, I cannot help here. But I have forwared this question to Michael, maybe he find some time and could answer.

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