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We are trying to load the XML File, could not able to get the attributes of XML file. So Kindly help us to work with XML files 







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    bhupendra_patilbhupendra_patil Administrator, Employee, Member Posts: 168 RM Data Scientist

    hello @munwar_cappius


    XML files can be structured in various ways, you best bet is to use the import configuration wizard.

    It basically generates the necessary XPath, in case you are familiar with XPath syntax and then you can specify teh xpaths directly too

    You can use xpath to pick the right nodes in your XML.


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    munwar_cappiusmunwar_cappius Member Posts: 3 Contributor I

    Hi Bhupendra,


    Thanks so much for your support on community.  We are using your text analytics modules in our project.


    One question I have is on "Read XML" feature.  We are able to read XML input files with complex structures using the XPath queries and process in RapidMiner.  It is working great for us.


    We have a requirement to get the COUNT of number of nodes in a specific XML Path.  We are using various methods of count function as per XPath documentation.   For example count(//node1/Element1) and //node1[count(Element1)].  This is resulting into ? (not able to resolve) in RapidMiner.


    Do you have different interpretation of count or are we missing any documentation?


    Can you please help to get the COUNT of xml nodes.   Thanks in advance.


    Munwar Shariff, CTO, Cappius.

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