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Dear All,

I am having issues in creating a macro binding between the macro created on my process in Studio and the server.

From the documents, I understand that we can pass the value for the macros created in process over query parameters using 'Macro Binding' feature.

But when I perform the same, my service call does not execute the process with the value passed in url parameter.

Could you please let me know is there any special setting needs to be done on the macro created in Studio for this to happen?

Similarly, it would be really great if you could explain me the difference between macro and process/context macro.

Looking forward for your inputs!





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    Hello Everyone,

    Apologies..I was not aware about the 'Context based Macro' feature, which is available under separate menu under Views panel.

    When I created a macro here, I am able to bind its value from Rapidminer Server.

    Thanks everyone!




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