"Problem encountered with Direct Marketing Template"

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So I was trying to use the Direct Marketing Template provided in the newest RapidMiner. I kept on encountering problems with the Naive Bays algorithim, but I thought I eventually fixed it. I ran the program and it gave me a message that said "the set up does not seem to contain any obvious errors, but you should check the log messages or activate debug mode". I proceeded to close the program without saving and open the template again. This  time I changed nothing and used RapidMiner's original layout and data. Once again this message popped up. Anyone know what might be wrong and what I can do 



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    this error message will be displayed when the cause of the error cannot be linked to an operator.

    Sadly I cannot reproduce the error on my machine. The Direct Marketing Template (with the default values) runs smoothly without any errors.

    If you provide your rapidminer-studio.log file (inside your .RapidMiner folder) we may find the cause of the error.




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    Will this help 

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