Comparison of features missing in Free/ Commercial version?

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I have seen some features in rapidminer studio documentation like "print process to pdf" and "pause  process" button , but are only available in commercial versions? I cannot see those in Version 7.2 free?


is there a list of feature comparisons where you can see what is missing or present in free and commercial versions? I would be interested in this..


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    there are no more "hidden" features between free and commercial versions except for what you find here: https://rapidminer.com/pricing/


    That being said, you probably are a victim of outdated documentation. Feel free to list the pages which contain outdated information, we will then submit them for updating.

    • Print to PDF: Click on "File" in the top menu bar, then on "Print/Export Image", followed by the button "Export Image..." in the bottom left corner. You can then chose .pdf in the list of file types. I admit it's a bit misleading because PDF is not an image, but there it can be found at the moment.
    • There is no explicit "Pause process" button. To pause a process, you need to add breakpoints to operators (right-click and select "Breakpoint Before"/"Breakpoint After"). You can do so even after a process has started but has not yet reached your desired operator. The process will then pause and you can click the "Resume" button which has replaced the original "Run" button at that point in time.




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    cool thanks, that helps for now, I will come back here later if I have more questions regarding changes

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    On the license differences, please also see my last answer in this discussion here:






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