how to talk to individual fields of coherence tables for scoring functions?

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my customers have different costs depending on how well they are detected as buyers / non buyers etc.

this relationship will be displayed in a coherence table (when getting the performance results), and I want to built a scoring function for the individual fields like : TRUE POSITIVE = 60€; FALSE POSITIVE = -5,7 €; etc... how can I reach the individual fields/variables of a coherence table to use them in functions?


(I wanted to go through the Data mining cup 2002 example...)

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    Hi Fred,


    have you had a look on three things:


    Performance Costs

    gives you the opportunity to define a cost for every cell in the confusion matrix.


    Use Weights

    if you use the costs as weights you can turn on use example weights in the performance operators. This might simply solve it


    Extract performance

    You can generate a cost attribute with generate attribute, aggregate it and turn it into a performance value. This is an extremly flexible way to define example based performance measures.



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    Fred12Fred12 Member Posts: 344 Unicorn

    sorry clicked accidenty on accept solution, but I still don't understand how this works.. is there an example for it?

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