Number of clusters in data

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Dear RM Friends,

The dataset attached to this message is the result of measurement of platelet function in 11 patients (ID), at different time points during and after a surgical procedure (before incision, before chemo, 30 min chemo, day 1, day 3 and day 7). The following tests were used: αIIbβ3_control,  αIIbβ3_TRAP,  αIIbβ3_CRP,  αIIbβ3_ADP,  P-selectin_control,  P-selectin_TRAP,  P-selectin_CRP,  P-selectin_ADP. 

We observe (even after normalisation) a huge variability which we are not able to explain. What is the best way to find the right number of clusters, or is there another way to better find different groups in the data? 

Thanks in advance.


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