how to create Operation Search process?

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Hi , 

I'm new to RapidMiner and Data Minning :) 

I'm working on a system to predect needed Quantities of Products and distribute to stores 

the case is , i have Number of dimentions ( AVG sales , performance , Trend , ...) and the system should recommend the best required Quantity for each Item to Achive target Revenu and overall Target Quantity .

how can i do that with RapidMiner ?


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    Hello and welcome to the RapidMiner community!


    The problem you have posed is quite a general one, with a high level of complexity, so there probably isn't a simple answer to your question.  It sounds like ultimately you are going to want a kind of generalized optimization framework for solving this problem, assuming you have a situation where there are many constraints (e.g., you can't produce an arbitrary number of each type of product, each store requires certain inventory levels, demand for products is different by region, etc.).  RapidMiner itself isn't built primarily as an optimization engine, although with some creative coding I am certain it could be configured to solve such problems (and other community members might even contribute more detail here on what could be done).


    But in the meantime, for your first step you probably need to figure out some basic things like what your costs and your profits are for each of the items in your portfolio, and RapidMiner is well suited to help with that problem--try using some of the aggregate operators and generate attributes to calculate profit.  You probably also will want to look at predicting demand for different items, so you can build some demand models and RapidMiner has several tools for that.  You should check out the series extension from the marketplace and look at some of the forecasting operators. 


    Hopefully this will give you some starting points of investigation on your very interesting project!



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    HanyTalaat_EgyHanyTalaat_Egy Member Posts: 2 Contributor I

    Thank You for your valuable reply ...

    Actually , i have the following information :

    1. at the first i have product portfolio , contains the product IDs 
    2. i have the updated price , cost and profit margin 
    3. i have market trend sheet for mentioned product 
    4. upcomming events , i can calculate the impact of the same event's in sales history records 
    5. target (value , volume ) that should be met 
    6. on hand quantities

    i need  to recommed the required volumn to be purchased from each product in addition to the on hand quantities to achieve the Target ( Value and Volume )

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