RM Cloud and Reporting?

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I'm aware of the current issue with the reporting extension in RM Studio.

But I saw in the FAQ's that the reporting module is supposed to work in RM Cloud - http://docs.rapidminer.com/cloud/faq.html

Which is great!

However, I can't seem to get a report completed on the cloud.  Is anyone else having this problem?  Has anyone gotten a report successfully completed on the cloud?

I'm using data I stored on my cloud repository and I've saved the process to the cloud.  I'm trying to save my reports to my cloud repository.  My data set is too big for an excel report, but neither rtf nor html reports seem to be produced.  I used 40 minutes of cloud time trying to produce an rtf (had to cancel) and now I'm up to 21 minutes for an html file.  I'm using rapidminer v 7.2.001 on a macbook air running osx 10.11.  I appreciate any insight.  Thanks!

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