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Is it somehow possible to use operators for the LBP (Local Binary Pattern) Image detection of an image?

I recently read about LBP, and how useful it is for image classification (e.g for textures). Basically, each image is transformed into a grayscale image. Then for each pixel, the neighbourhood of pixel gray values is considered with respect to the center pixel. Then a threshold (bigger = 1, smaller = 0) is applied to pixel grayscale values. The 8 obtained values is transformed into 8 bit and then into decimal number.  At the end, you obtain a histogram of counts of the decimal numbers that you obtian, which is characteristic for the image structure..

Is there any way to do this with rapidminer operators? 


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    It is my experience that it's faster to preprocess your images with Image J and next import this data into RM. There are other similar algo's out to determineren interest points. Recently FB made their algo's available for image mining
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    VaclavVaclav RapidMiner Certified Expert, Member Posts: 23 Maven

    Hello Fred,

    the LBP detector is part of the image processing extension.


    I sent you the in PM link for download.


    Best wishes,


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    ferdiboy37ferdiboy37 Member Posts: 1 Contributor I
    May I get the link for LBP detector

    Thank you.
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