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I am new To RapidMiner. I have created a demo project wherein I have created several processes exploring the different functionalities of RapidMiner. How is it that I show the final output of the processes without going to each process and running them separately? Much like in QlikSense, once we finish the development part, we can view all the visualizations in one go.




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    You could use a Store operator and store all the results in a folder. This way you can just click on the stored file instead of running the process. OFC this means you have to run the process one more time to store the results. :)

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    welcome to the community! Alternativly to Tom's solution you can use the execute process operator to generate one "meta-process" running all of your analysis' and giving (or storing) your result.

    That would look like this:



     Have a look at this knowledgebase article (which we might need to extend) to learn more about this.





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