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is it somehow possible to get the workflow information extracted and have it exported as text? For example, I have a simple workflow where the nodes have the following names: Read Database DB1 -> Get Joined tables DB1_Table1 and DB1_Table3 --> Filter out missing values for column DB1_Table1_Column4 -> Write to CSV file file1.cs.


Then I would like to get somehow all these node names in the order of execution, so I have this "metadata" available as text, to use it as metadata on the extracted data, to know how this data has been analysed as a reference in the future...

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    Since you can simply save the process itself in RapidMiner and then open it again later if you have questions about what you did, I'm not sure why you would need a separate text reference regarding your analysis flow, especially since the operator names themselves are not likely to contain all the relevant information in the various parameter settings.


    But even if you wanted to have this outside of RapidMiner, why not just copy the xml underlying the process, which then includes not only the names of the operators, but also the connections, the parameter values, etc.?  The xml file is after all just a text file that can be read in any other text editor.   It seems that you already know how to view the XML version of a RapidMiner process based on many of your other posts in the community :-)


    If you wanted to get really fancy, you could even save the xml process as a text file, then read it back into RapidMiner as a document, and use "read xml" with xpath expressions just to extract the operator names and connections.  But I'm not sure whether it would be worth the effort compared to simply saving the full xml file itself, which can be done in just a few clicks. 


    I don't think there is a built-in way to get RapidMiner to directly output a text file with just the operator names and connections, although I'm sure if it is there then someone else will explain how to do it!





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