"Process document from data operator and al the text processing extension just Gone"

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Helllppp....  Today, I opened a process in rapidminer, and the operator (Process document from data) appear in red color, and renamed to (Dummy).

I tried to reinstall all the extensions, included the Text Processing extension but not change. All the operatos to text processing just gone (tokenike, stem, stop words, etc...)

Im working with sentiment analisys and I need to tokenize, and apply stop words and Stem on my data.

Before this happened, few times Rapidminer got hanged (sun umbrella) just when it was executing the steam process or stop list process into the Process document from data operator. That did not happend with the version 6.


Im using the Rapidminer Studio 7.2.002 for mac

Could you please help me?


Thank you!



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    FilipeSteinerFilipeSteiner Member Posts: 2 Contributor I

    I did download and put manually the Text processing extention in the extentions Rapidminer folder .


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