Read Access Tutorial with Example Access File

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1. Download the sample accdb file from here

and pick the first link to download 'A Sample Database.accdb'



2. Open the downloaded sample database in Access, here is what I got from M$ Access 2016 in my local computer 

The Asset Items table and some Queries/Forms/Reports are available in my Access view



3. As long as you can view the table from Access, you can load it into RapidMiner studio using 'Read Access' connector



4. You can also run a query to load Access views, for example, let's copy and paste the query below to RapidMiner Studio


SELECT `Asset Items`.`Asset No`, `Asset Items`.Make, `Asset Items`.Model, `Asset Items`.Acquired, `Asset Items`.Cost, `Cost`/1.22 AS `Ex Tax`, `Cost`-(`Cost`/1.22) AS GST

FROM `Asset Items`;


Then in the results view, it should return the quried data table:



5. For more details, please refer to the documentation

and the attached RapidMiner process.

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