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I have included a SQL statement in the read database oprerator, and manage to get the result. However, as per below picture, I need to replace those "Question" with wording, for example:

1 => Q1. How do you find the workplace?

2 => Q2. How do you find the job?


I am not sure if replace operator can be used and what should I set for the parameter? Can someone please kindly help. Thanks.





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    first of all i would really recommend to use RM version 7. 


    Second: Did you think about a join? Create a table (in excel or in the data editor) with

    QuestionID      Question

    1                   How do you find the workplace?

    2                   How do you find the job?


    and join on the this ID. That's the cleanest way for me to do it. Especially if you have a growing table of questions.



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